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Pokemon GO Lucky Pokemon – What Are Lucky Pokemon, How to Get Them, and Stardust Costs

There’s a new type of pokemon to be found in Pokemon GO. Lucky Pokemon have arrived, bringing with them a dazzling glow which makes them pretty cool collector’s items. Not only that, but Lucky Pokemon also offer a benefit to Stardust costs when levelling up. Lucky Pokemon are well worth your time in Pokemon GO, so we’ve put together a Pokemon GO Lucky Pokemon Guide to help you get them. We’ll cover Pokemon GO Lucky Pokemon Odds, how to get Lucky Pokemon in Pokemon GO, and also what the Stardust bonuses for Lucky pokemon are.

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Pokemon GO Lucky Pokemon

Lucky Pokemon have finally arrived in Pokemon GO, after being teased earlier this week. Lucky is a new special status that can be applied to pokemon. It awards a bonus for that pokemon, which we will detail in this guide.

What are Lucky Pokemon in Pokemon GO

After a brief tease recently, Niantic has fully revealed Lucky Pokemon. They are intrinsically linked to Trading, and offer trainers a pretty useful bonus. Here’s all of the key details on Lucky Pokemon in Pokemon GO 

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  • Lucky Pokemon are a new status, not a new form 
  • Lucky pokemon count will appear alongside caught and seen in the Pokedex 
  • Lucky pokemon will offer a reduced Stardust per level cost 
  • The discount can be up to 50% 
  • They can therefore reach a much higher CP faster than other pokemon

How to Get Lucky Pokemon in Pokemon GO

Lucky Pokemon have only just been detailed, so we don’t yet know everything about them. What we do know is that you get Lucky Pokemon through trading. It seems to be a random chance that is associated with every trade, though Niantic has given us some hints as to why some pokemon may be more likely to turn lucky than others. Apparently, the longer a pokemon has been in a Trainer’s inventory, the higher the chance that they will be lucky. This has been confirmed by Niantic on Twitter.

Alongside the addition of Lucky Pokemon in Pokemon GO, Niantic also announced that Trainers who send Gifts to friends will now receive XP for doing so and Gifts also have a chance of containing Stardust! 

Pokemon GO Lucky Pokemon Release Date and Start Time

Lucky Pokemon are now live in pokemon GO. You should get a message when loading up the game. Regardless, you can start trading pokemon and trying to get Lucky Pokemon in Pokemon GO.

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