A NATURAL DIET WITH BOILED EGGS: A Healthy Way To 30 Kilograms Less In Only 3 Months

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This egg diet is counted into already tested ways which help you get rid of the excess of kilograms in a very short time. There are several versions and we’ve separated the most moderate one for you based on a decreased intake of carbohydrates.

In order to avoid the monotony which is the most common reason for an unsuccessful diet, you may also include several more ingredients on your menu. Actually, besides eggs, nutritionists also recommend chicken, turkey, fish, fruit, vegetables with a small amount of carbohydrates, herbal teas without sugar and water.

The intake of carbohydrates is significantly decreased and bread, pasta and potatoes are strictly forbidden.


You may lose up to 30 kilograms if you stick to this diet plan in only three months.

One of the most famous promoters of this diet is Hollywood actor Adrian Brody who lost 15 kilograms preparing for his role in the film “The pianist”.

His version of this diet is the following: he ate eggs for breakfast, a smaller piece of grilled chicken for lunch and a piece of fish with steamed vegetables for dinner.



Breakfast: 2 boiled eggs and ½ grapefruit

Lunch: baked chicken without the skin and lettuce

Dinner: Omelette made of 2 eggs with spinach and tomatoes.

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