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Your nose is directly linked to your brain and nervous system. For thousands of years the Indian yogis believe that many diseases are connected to disturbed nasal breathing.

Breathing in through your left nostril will access the right “feeling” hemisphere of your brain, and breathing in through your right nostril, will access the left “thinking” hemisphere of your brain.  Consciously alternating your breath between either nostril will  allow you to activate and access your whole brain.

1. It activates the parasympathetic nervous system and reduces blood pressure.

2. It enhances respiratory functions: increases respiratory strength and endurance.

3. It improves attention and fine-motor coordination/performance.

So this is good for our hearts; good for our lungs; and good for our heads.

nostril breathing

An alternate nostril breathing exercise:

1.Use right thumb to close off right nostril.

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2.Inhale slowly through left nostril

3.Pause for a second

4.Now close left nostril with ring finger and release thumb off right nostril

5.Exhale through your right nostril

6.Now, inhale through right nostril


8.Use thumb to close of right nostril

9.Breathe out through left nostril

10.This is one round. Start slowly with 1 or 2 rounds and gradually increase.
Never force.
Sit quietly for a few moments after you have finished.

There are many, many different techniques of pranayama such as inhaling for 4, holding for 4 and exhaling for 4.


Do not hold your breath if you have high blood pressure.  More advanced methods of pranayama (alternate nostril breathing) need to be practiced with an experienced practitioner.  practicing on an empty stomach is preferred



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