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For more that hundred years as a staple to ease chest congestion and coughing, that brings back childhood memories of our moms taking care of us the Vicks VapoRub has been around. Nowadays, treating ailments with Vapors Vicks is still in business.

Very important ingredients such as: Camphor, Eucalyptus Oil and Menthol are contained in Vicks. Through breathing in they relieve congestion and coughing. But there are many other great and helpful ways in which Vicks can be used.

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Made in the video below are some of the suggestions. Relief of common Headaches. When Vicks is applied to your temples pain relief will come quickly. After placing Vicks under your nose you should breathe in slowly and deeply according to LiveStrong.

You can utilize for aching muscles. According to LiveStrong apply Vicks and massage the area, followed by wrapping your muscles in a dry, warm towel.

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You can ease the Toenail fungus by rubbing VapoRub  into the toenail. For a few weeks rubbing it 2-3 times per day may be required, to beat the fungus.
You are on your way to repair your cracked heels by applying Vicks on the heels and balls of your feet  and then sleep with socks on.
According to eHow, rinse the Vicks with warm water when you awake and to exfoliate the dead skin use a pumice stone.

Additionally, bugs can be repelled by putting a small amount of  Vicks on your clothing and skin. You can utilize the Vicksin order to relieve itching if for some reason, you are just too sweet for the bugs to resist.
Anyone who has a pet kitten, has faced the problem of their cats scratching on their furniture. They will stay away is you apply Vickson on the furniture!

The video you are going to watch will provide you with even more uses for this magical ointment.

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