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Even 80%of the garlic sold round the world comes from China. Last year, from this country,the United States imported 138 million pounds of garlic. Someone may think it was grown in California, but it actually was shipped from China. Also, when you see ”organic” garlic imported from China,do not trust the organic certification methods in China.

Garlic from China

Why this should scare you?

Because Chinese garlic is bleached! It is sprayed with chemicals to stop sprouting, to destroy insectsandto become whiter.

Furthermore, this garlic is grown in untreated sewage and the effectiveness of the methyl bromide fumigation processes is imprecise.

This garlic is greatly disinfected with a very toxic substance, methyl bromide, to destroy the bugs. This can cause very serious health problem.

It can damage the respiratory and central nervous systems, and may even cause death.

Other dangerous compounds in Chinese garlic are sulfatesand lead. It can be treated with ground inhibitors and left in cold temperatures, or exposed to over-storage.

One of the greatest compounds in garlic, allicin, starts to decrease when garlic is over-stored.

This is how you can spot the difference between California-grown fresh garlic and imported garlic:

  • American garlic has some of the roots left on the bottom.
  • American garlic has more flavor than Chinese garlic.
  • American garlic weights more than the imported garlic.

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