No, cars won’t be driving us in the near future. Here’s why not

In May, GM spent $1 billion to buy Cruise Automation, a small startup with promising self-driving software. Last year, Qualcomm’s bought NXP Semiconductors for a cool $39 billion, in large part because Qualcomm wanted to buy its technology for making chips for autonomous vehicles. And in March, Intel paid $15 billion for an Israeli company, Mobileye, which makes sensors for driverless … [Read more…]

Without Saying A Word, This Short 6 Minute Video Will Leave You Speechless

Outrage toward the meat industry is by no means a new issue. Books, documentaries and even undercover videos have exposed flaws within the system, often inciting outrage and, in some cases, spurring laws to protect the food industry from the public’s prying eye. This clip from a documentary called “ Samsara” explores modern food processing through an artistic … [Read more…]

Volkswagen’s Electric Hippie Van is Close to Being Approved, But There’s a Catch

If your life goals for the near future include recreating the Summer of Love, there’s some far-out news arriving from Volkswagen. Public reaction to the automaker’s electric I.D. Buzz concept proved positive enough to give executives confidence in European and American demand for the reborn Microbus. Unfortunately for latter-day hippies and retirement-age flower children, their … [Read more…]

This Is What The Lines On Your Forehead Say About Your Personality

Wrinkles, sunspots, and facial lines, what a wonderful part of life. They are almost impossible to prevent, often determined by genetics and lifestyle choices. They are good indicators of our age, which is probably why so many of us fight to prevent them. However, regarding lines on forehead meanings can reveal quite a bit about your mental … [Read more…]

These Seeds Kill Cancer Cells, Affect Your Sleeping, Improve Sight And Much More!

Did you know why pumpkin seeds are good for you? These seeds are a rich source of numerous nutrients, vitamins, and minerals such as zinc, magnesium, potassium, selenium, calcium, iron, amino acids, vitamin E, vitamin K, etc. They also are rich in plant compounds known as phytosterols and free-radical scavenging antioxidants, which offer numerous health benefits. Killing … [Read more…]

Poor Blood Circulation, Cold Legs and Hands? Here is What You Can do to Solve This Problem

Poor circulation is also known as the silent killer and it can appear due to numerous different factors, including poor physical activity, hypertension, diabetes, atherosclerosis, smoking and drug abuse, or blood clots. The symptoms usually develop over time and therefore you need to learn how to recognize them on time. If you already have problems … [Read more…]