Toxins which can cause weight problems & how to help yourself

Toxins which can cause weight problems

Most people in your household has a lot of products that contain hazardous materials. But did you know that these substances can cause problems with body weight? More and more research shows that environmental toxins can cause the accumulation of pounds. Some experts say that the root of the problem is that toxins from cosmetics, food, cleaning … [Read more…]

Fiber-rich foods for dinner improve sleep

Fiber-rich foods for dinner improve sleep

Fiber-rich foods for dinner improve sleep, according to a study published in the medical publication Journal of Clinical Sleep Medicine. Menu, which includes foods with a large amount of sugar, saturated fatty acids (found in commercial products, bakery) in which too little fiber, will contribute to light and some sleep. Researchers from Columbia University (USA) … [Read more…]

Why eat more butter?

For decades, marketing campaigns demonize butter and saturated fats, and instead pushed vegetable oils and margarine. New scientific findings indicate that butter much healthier than margarine, and much healthier than many refined “vegetable” oils. Photo credit: tarale via / CC BY-SA Thanks scientifically unfounded recommendations, people have started to massively to avoid butter and bread … [Read more…]

5 foods that reduces the craving for sugar

Consumption of significant doses of refined sugar slowly creates the ground for obesity, pre-diabetes and heart problems. When you may eat refined sugar, blood sugar rise sharply, but also drops sharply. This causes the need for more sugar. Indeed, eating too much refined sugar creates a vicious circle. The more you eat, the more we eat. Fortunately, this vicious … [Read more…]