Looks like “Michelin”! Little fat girl born 8 months ago, weight 34 pounds!

Chahat Kumar was born in India, she is only eight months old, and reached 34 pounds of weight, almost like 4-year-old child weight, which makes doctors and her family feel very confused because, at birth, she is very normal, but in the period after that, the body began rapid expansion. 23-year-old father Suraj Kumar said: When Chahat … [Read more…]

SEX, you love it! How birth control pills work? We all know, OR MAYBE NOT!

Birth control pills prevent pregnancy through several mechanisms, mainly by stopping ovulation. If no egg is released, there is nothing to be fertilized by sperm, and the woman cannot get pregnant. Most birth control pills contain synthetic forms of two female hormones: estrogen and progestin. These synthetic hormones stabilize a woman’s natural hormone levels, and … [Read more…]