Chicago Bulls history: “The Shot”

On this day in Chicago Bulls history, Michael Jordan hit one of the sweetest buzzer-beaters in NBA history crushing the Cleveland Cavaliers.

As a Chicago Bulls fan, it can be tough to watch the current success of the Cleveland Cavaliers compared to the current struggles of the Bulls. But on days like today, we get to remember that the Bulls used to have the Cavs’ number.

It was 1989 and it was game five of the first round of the NBA playoffs. Keep in mind that this was back when the first round was a best of five series, not best of seven. So game five meant that the loser goes home.

he Cavs were the #3 seed in the Eastern Conference and the Bulls were the #6 seed. So even though the Cavs were the better team, the one thing they didn’t have was Michael Jordan.

With only a few seconds left in the game, the Chicago Bulls were down 100-99 and taking the ball out of bounds. Jordan had to fight off a double-team just to get to the ball. But when he freed himself up, he made a nice move to get to the free-throw line and hit one of the best shots in NBA history over Craig Ehlo. You all know the shot I’m talking about: the pull-up, double-pump jumper. The Shot. 

Jordan finished the game with 44 points on an efficient 17-32 shooting from the field to go along with 9 rebounds and 6 assists.

I know Lebron James is doing incredible things in the playoffs right now. But just remember that before Lebron was doing his thing, Michael Jordan was doing his thing.