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Most people consume the same food every day, and it is normal. When we love some food we buy it and get used to a taste, and after a month or two we suddenly change to a new one. But this does not mean that the food is always healthy for human consumption.

We need to stop consuming some of the food, just because when you consume this food, worms will get into your body, and you will not be able to eliminate them.

The expert from Cambridge interviewed by CNN reporter was observing a man, and have done some medical test. This unlucky man had a strong headache and some new symptoms.

He traveled to Asia and has visited China, Thailand, Japan and South Korea, places where people are most affected by these parasites.

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Because of the diagnosis, the doctors had to act quickly to remove worms with surgery, because there is no effective cure for this infection.

Taeniasis is defined as an infection caused by parasites, and most of the beef tapeworm, pork tapeworm, and Asian tapeworm. People can become infected with these tapeworms by eating raw or unroasted beef or pork.

Sources of human infection may be:

* Consuming not cooked pork from infected pigs, resulting in Taeniasis – adult worm who resides in the bowels.

* Through contact with swine or human feces, which can lead to infection of many tissues. It can result in a condition known as neuroticism if the larvae of worms enter the nervous system, including the brain.

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