Easter Event wait almost over as new updates are revealed

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THE NEW Pokemon Go Easter Event appears to have been leaked ahead of Niantic’s official announcement, following the news that a huge new update has been discovered.

The latest information released this week appears to point to a new Pokemon Go Easter Event being rolled out later today.

Fans have been waiting to find out what kind of Pokemon Go update would be next, and right now it looks like it’ll be centered around eggs and XP bonuses.

A new report that surfaced earlier this week claims that the Pokemon Go Easter Event will kick off later today and will provide an increased chance of rare Pokemon hatching from eggs.

The information has been provided by a source that has been bang on the money for two other past events, so it appears there’s a good chance that this is the correct information.

There will also be extra incentives for grabbing Double XP during the next seven, days which will be how long the new event will last.

“From tomorrow, there will be a DOUBLE EXPERIENCE EVENT that will last a week,” a message posted on The Silph Road explains.

“There will also be better egg hatch rates. This means that there will be more chances of rare Pokemon coming out as Lapras or Snorlax more easily. (This, that we know, if it is our exclusive news).

“So, we encourage you to go outside and walk a lot to take advantage of it!”

Niantic have yet to confirm that there is an Easter Event in the works, however, it appears the perfect fit for a game with so much gameplay based around eggs.

Hopefully we’ll hear more from the development at around midday today, although Niantic have been known to start events without much fanfare before.

It follows the news that Niantic are gearing up to add a new promotional feature to the game in the near future.

Dataminers have found evidence of new Redeemable Codes, which can reward new items, Avatar accessories, Candy, Stardust and PokeCoins.

These can come in various different forms, and the Pokemon Go Easter Event could be the first to include some kind of free promotion so that players can earn extra Pokeballs.

Dataminers have discovered that Redeemable Codes are now ready to be deployed and will actually be redeemed via the in-game shop.

There has also been talk of a new notification system being added to the Pokemon Go interface, making it easier for Niantic to inform their players of the latest news.

While a new event will help reinvigorate the game, it appears much bigger Pokemon Go news is on the horizon.

Gyms are set for a major revamp and part of this could include maintaining the Pokemon that are currently occupying them.

In a further expansion to the Teams system, players would need to feed their Pokemon that are away protecting a Gym, while players would also get new notifications on how their Pocket Monster are doing.

Players have also found references to “Raids” a new game mechanic that looks set to launch new global goals for teams to unlock additional rewards.

It’s unclear if this will included Legendary Pokemon and at the moment, timed-raids and their full game mechanics are still unknown.

A new co-op gameplay feature has already been teased by Niantic, who referenced warmer weather arriving as the time in which it will be launched.

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