Eliminate Glucose, Triglycerides and Cholesterol With This Natural Juice

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High triglycerides in the blood can provoke a coronary blockade and end in cardiac arrest, since they are a class of lipids or fat. The same ones are created when the carbohydrates transform into cellular energy for the glucose.

On the other hand, cholesterol is a natural fat that resides in all the cells of our body, which are very important because they ensure us that our organism works normally.

Eliminate Glucose, Triglycerides and Cholesterol With This Natural Juice


It is very effective in strengthening the immune system. It also stimulates the function of the pancreas, because it helps to regulate the blood sugar which turns out to be very useful for diabetics. It is also a valuable remedy for the elimination of mucus from the lungs, bronchi and gullet.

To fight fever, just apply some raw slices of pumpkin, especially on the belly and the armpits and, for headaches, put the slices on your forehead.

Pumpkin juice and especially its seeds are a laxative and can help to remove any intestinal parasites.

Pumpkin is rich in minerals, particularly phosphorus and calcium, so it can be also used in cases of rachitis, caries, osteoporosis and other bones illnesses.

Doctors recommend that if you want to remove triglycerides from your blood, you have to change your complete lifestyle.



You need 100 grams of pumpkin and a little water. Put the ingredients in a blender and blend well. Take this juice every morning before breakfast. You’ll see how the levels of triglycerides have lowered in only one month!

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