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GymHuntr, a fan-made, community-run site that tracks the locations of Gyms in Pokemon Go, launched a new feature today that may make it easier for users to find Legendary Pokemon.

How the hardcore shapes the game

The site will now show users the location of Raid Battles, showing all Pokemon currently present at a particular gym. This means, of course, if a legendary Pokemon is at a gym, you’ll be able to see it using GymHuntr. Sure, this takes away from the point of Pokemon Go— to go on mini-adventures looking for new Pokemon — but it does make finding rare pocket monsters much more convenient for those so inclined.

As of right now, Articuno and Lugia are the only two legendary Pokemon available, with Articuno only available until July 31. Next week, Moltres and Zapods will be available in Raid Battles for one week.

Looking at the GymHuntr map, raids are separated by two colored-timers. Those in orange are raids currently happening, those in pink are raids happening soon. Aside from that, the map shows the location of Gyms, which teams control them and which Pokemon are there.

GymHuntr is just one of many Pokemaps the game’s community has created in an effort to make finding worthwhile Pokemon easier. Among the most popular is Pokehuntr, by the same creators as Gymhuntr and working much the same way, which shows the location of Pokemon around you by typing in your location.

Pokemon Go has been in some hot water recently, as last week’s Pokemon GoFest, a sold out event held in Chicago’s Grant Park, was a pretty messy disaster. Connectivity issues caused the estimated 20,000 attendees to not be able to access the game they had traveled to celebrate, leading developer Niantic to issue full refunds.

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