Fiber-rich foods for dinner improve sleep

Fiber-rich foods for dinner improve sleep, according to a study published in the medical publication Journal of Clinical Sleep Medicine.

Menu, which includes foods with a large amount of sugar, saturated fatty acids (found in commercial products, bakery) in which too little fiber, will contribute to light and some sleep.

Fiber-rich foods for dinner improve sleep
Fiber-rich foods for dinner improve sleep

Researchers from Columbia University (USA) conducted a study of 26 adults with normal weight (13 men, 13 women), whose mean age was 35 years. The subjects slept for five nights in a sleep laboratory and at the same time were on a special diet. The aim was to understand the role of researchers as our sleep and identify products that contribute to good sleep.

The results of this study showed that the average sleep participants was equal to seven hours and 35 minutes per day.

The researchers found that after dinner, based on the consumption of dietary fiber, the dream turned out to be longer, and above all, profound. After dinner, foods high in saturated fats, duration and sleep quality deteriorated. The study also found that greater consumption of sugar for dinner, due to the large number of episodes of “micro-awakening” during the night.

When dinner under the supervision of a nutritionist include dietary fiber, study participants filled 17 to 29 minutes faster.
According to the findings of the study’s authors, a simple change in diet is sufficient to significantly reduce sleep disturbances, which in themselves are the cause of health problems.

Sleep disturbance is one of the major public health problems

Fiber-rich foods for dinner improve sleep. Sleep disorders currently affect about 20% of the population in industrialized countries and cause many other – often mediated health problems. Indeed, the lack of sleep may be responsible for road accidents, man-made disasters, metabolic disorders and heart disease. In addition, people who are deprived of sleep have a higher risk of developing chronic diseases such as hypertension, diabetes, depression, obesity and cancer. Furthermore, people with sleep problems higher percentage of premature mortality.

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