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According to dentists, wisdom teeth will push all your other teeth and you need to remove them as soon as possible!

But, numerous researches strongly deny that!

They usually start to appear in the early twenties or late teenage years. Researches have shown that more than 67% of removed wisdom teeth were removed unnecessarily! The old wives’ tales that they can cause numerous diseases are completely untrue!

Billions of dollars are given every year on wisdom teeth removal.

It’s commonly known that general health lies in the healthy and regular nutrition. If you eat regularly and intake sufficient amounts of calcium, you’ll have 32 healthy teeth and there will be enough space for all of them in your jaw.

A thorough research was made among Indian tribes in 1900. Their teeth were perfectly healthy and the problems appeared right after the tribe started to prepare food using sugar and white flour.


Why do you need your wisdom teeth?

Teeth are vital, living organs which create a whole along with the rest of your body.

Wisdom teeth are connected (according to the acupuncture meridians) with the frontal part of our pituitary gland. Actually, 46% of the nerves in our whole body are connected with our mouth and face.

So, whenever you remove a tooth, it disturbs and degrades the acupuncture meridian which goes along the area of that tooth.

The traditional Chinese medicine contains an acupuncture composition known for more than 5.000 years which shows the vital connection between the teeth and spine, joints, organs and endocrine glands.


Each one of those teeth is connected to a vital organ by those meridians and its removal from the jaw often goes with some consequences.


So, have you already removed your wisdom teeth?

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