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We often see some rare diseases on the Internet or on television, unlike people’s familiarity with colds and fever, so that people are afraid of panic when faced with these rare illnesses, but sometimes we happen to be the bad luck Trapped people, and friends gullible trout and her wife have such an unusual experience.

In 2010, her wife’s hands began to slowly appear these mysterious little black spots. They started to appear very small, but constantly growing up. At first they both thought it was only some blood bubbles, nor too much in mind. Black spots also grow to the back of the hand. With the continuous growth of black spots, they have tried to use warts for treatment, but not the slightest effect. Ultimately, they decided to go to the hospital for professional help. Doctors think this is supportive granuloma, and soon remove all black spots. After the surgery, her hand was all wrapped.

Soon his wife’s hand on the rehabilitation, black spots are gone, and there are no signs of recurrence.

There may be many causes of supportive granuloma, such as irritation, physical trauma, or hormonal imbalance. The wife’s illness should be the impact of contraceptives, but the good news is that this disease will not cause harm to the body, but there is still the risk of recurrence.

Although the ultimate citizen’s wife recovered, but in the face of this disease when she will certainly be afraid of fear, and then I thought, our body is really amazing, who can not predict what will happen.

However, once the body has a special situation, we must seek early professional help.

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