Pokemon Go User Interface VS. High Budget Gaming. Who Will Win?!

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OK, Pokemon hunters, it is fresh it is new and everybody plays Pokemon Go! But is that “everybody” really EVERYBODY!

High Budget Gaming vs. Low quality Pokemon Go User Interface Who Will Win?!

I am talking now a days with the Pokemon community and i heard a lots of nice, really nice comments about the idea of making the game out of the box (read house, my room) use maps, and put Pokemons every ware, even in police station , in the rivers, parks on the highways and so one…

But what is also interesting that in my community of youngsters and mid age people, there is a huge part of those that were and still are very addicted to their PC games (high budget gaming machines, with a breath taking graphic cards that brings artificial characters to life) and some of them starts an interesting conversation about the game play BUT also the UI of the game and the conclusion was that is a BAD UI.

And to be honest i also VOTE for that! Why?! Just because of comments like this:

Please don’t make me tap into the Pokestop, wait for the animation to zoom in, wait for the data to load, spin a little thing, then close out of the Pokestop. In Ingress you can tap and hold on a portal to bring up a menu of common actions, including “hack” which is the same as spinning the coin in the center of a Pokestop.



Yes it is slow, and lazy sometimes but that can be from the server side. But again nice thing about the bad UI is that it gets people talking to each other trying to figure stuff out. My issue is that you can achieve the same goal in many ways, most of which don’t have the many costs of a bad UI. Adding some depth is my preferred way, but even just hiding advanced features, as Pokemon Go did with curveballs, does the same thing with less frustration for early players.

One of the community members Ujo Buo Xuen have comment like this:

Having players share tips is great for multiple reasons, and can create a strong social aspect in the game, that’s for sure. But having a game with very poor UI, and flawed UX, only to rely on social aspects seems very dangerous to me. It seemed to work OK for Pokemon Go so far, but can any other developer say the same? How much the Pokemon brand alone compensates for UX failures?

We have recently publish and interesting news about a movie that will be filmed in 2017 – Pokémon live-action movie announced, will focus on Detective Pikachu – and i strongly believe that it will not be in FULL SUPER ULTRA HD or i technology that we cant even imagine but will be possible in 2017!

At the end of the day, what we must not forget is that Pokemon Go is made for all, and every phone even those low budget Chinese phones that are just for one and only purpose to say hello, to send emoticons and  play Pokemon Go!

So who will win?! Lets play and wait!

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