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During the average 40 weeks of pregnancy, the body of a woman is exposed t numerous changes. As the child grows, it takes more and more lace inside its mother.


So, the abdominal area obviously spreads towards outside, but that’s not the only thing. The inner organs are also under a great pressure with every move which often causes unpleasant feeling. The movement of organs may look very dramatic, especially if those movements are filmed during all 9 months of pregnancy, like it was shown on this GIF presented on an exhibition in the Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago.

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In it, the 9 months of pregnancy were accelerated in only several seconds and the video is an excellent proof of “The perfect machine” – our human body.

On the website of this museum, you can see all of the changes happening during the period of pregnancy in a precise week . For example, from 29 to 32 week of the pregnancy, you can clearly see how the female inner organs are pressed. In the 30-tieth week, the baby weighs about 1.400 grams and is about 40 centimeters long. That’s still far from the average 50 centimeters of length and 3,5 kilograms of weight with which babies are usually born.

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