How to Check a Pokemon’s Motivation Without Visiting Gym

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In the new Pokemon Go gym update, Pokemon that are stationed in gyms now have what’s referred to as a “motivation bar.” It’s vital that players keep this bar up, as otherwise, the Pokemon will be kicked out of the gym and the gym can be taken over by an enemy team. But how exactly can players keep track of the current motivation of all of their Pokemon? Must they visit each gym in order to check on this?

Luckily, Niantic allows trainers to check on their Pokemon without actually going to each gym individually. To do this, you simply have to look at your gym badge. This is a badge given out as a reward for interacting with gyms, and you’ll get one badge for each gym that you frequent; for example, you will see an Empire State Building gym badge in your inventory if you have interacted with the gym at the Empire State Building.

When you select any of your gym badges, you’ll see information about that gym, including what Pokemon you have stationed there and what their current motivation meter is. To check a gym badge, follow these steps:

  • From the map screen, tap your trainer profile button in the bottom left corner of the screen.
  • Scroll down to see the gym badge section.
  • Touch the gym badge list to see the complete listing of all of your gym badges.
  • Touch a badge to learn more information about that gym.

In order to raise your Pokemon’s motivation, you’ll have to give your Pokemon either a Golden Razz Berry, a Razz Berry, a Nanab Berry, or a Pinap Berry. All of those give the Pokemon the same level of motivation except for Golden Razz Berry, as that completely restores the Pokemon’s motivation.

If you’re in one of your team’s gyms and notice that some of the Pokemon that aren’t yours have low motivation, you can still feed these Pokemon berries even though they do not belong to you. You will receive benefits for doing so, and it also ensures that your gym will not be taken over by enemy players.

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