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Everyone is in love with the best tropical fruit, called banana. Except that banana has great taste it has plus it has magical properties. They are the perfect great food that give us energy, make us feel full and provide our body with all the essential nutrients. They’re rich in fibers, vitamins and natural sugars like fructose and sucrose. That’s exactly why even the doctors recommend it and it’s the perfect addition to your breakfast.


The Americans are famous because they can eat bananas more than oranges and apples together during the whole year.

But anyone who has eaten a banana has noticed that it has a dark spots, and they are growing bigger and bigger, so they are becoming black.


The dark patches in bananas are actually not a sign of rotting, but something entirely different.

But this means that how bigger and darker the spots are the banana is more beneficial and is tastier. TNF is a cancer fighting substance which helps in the fight against abnormal cells in the body, and by growing the dark spots means growing the quantity of this ingredient.

Try to remember this the next time you see a banana with brown spots and don’t throw it away.

Now leave this beside, and in addition you will see that the bananas not only they have a benefits for cancer fighting they are good for overall health. It is good for heartburn, blood pressure, energy, anemia, Ulcers, depression, constipation, nerves or PMS, and temperature control.

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-Heartburn – Bananas are natural anti-acid and can relieve your heartburn in a minute. If you feel the symptoms just munch on one banana and you’ll feel better instantly.

-Blood pressure – Bananas are rich in potassium but contain almost no sodium in them which is why they’re good for your heart. They can lower the blood pressure and prevent stroke or a heart attack.

-Energy – We already mentioned but let’s repeat just in case. Bananas give you energy and are a great pre-workout snack. They contain vitamins, minerals and low glycemic carbs which increase your endurance and the high levels of potassium prevents muscle cramps.

Ulcers- they can be annoying because you are limited in the foods that you can eat. Bananas will help you In this case because they are soft and mushy.

Constipation– This fruit has a great amount of fiber which is very useful in this condition. Bananas can stimulate the bowel movement and relieve the symptoms.

Temperature Control – This may be the thing that surprised me the most, but bananas can lower your temperature and cool you off. This goes for when you’re feeling hot or if you have a fewer


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