If You Take This Pill, You Can Lose Your Eyesight, Acquire Thrombosis, Damage Your Bones and Have a Heart Attack!

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Almost everyone uses different pills nowadays, whether they’re against pain or they’re vitamins. People have showed blind confidence towards medicines and it’s not always positive.

People never seem to check what certain medicine is consisted of. They just take it and that’s it.

This blind confidence in medicines has only had negative effects on people.

There have been many cases where people have had contraindications to the medicines. A clear example of everything we said is the popular omeprazol.


Excessive use of this medicine is highly risky for your health

Omeprazol is believed to be a gastric protector, but it is not like that. This tablet inhibits the process of normal digestion.


How does it do that?

Apparently, the omeprazol atrophies the production of gastric acid in our body. We must remember that the gastric acid is fundamental for the digestion of food because it is this the one that takes charge to eliminate all the undesirable components from our body.


What are the negative effects of this medicine?

⦁ It can produce anemia, depression and neurological damage: A constant consumption of this medicine can diminish the levels of vitamin b12 in our body considerably.

⦁ It decrease the calcium: The consumption of this medicine can affect the absorption of calcium in our body and, therefore, it will increase the risk of breaking and damages to our bones.

⦁ It can cause respiratory problems: On having lowered the production of acid in our body, it increases the risk of bacteria and infections. These can move to our lungs and cause ravages to the functioning of our respiratory system.

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