It’s healthy to have a pet

dougwoods / Foter / CC BY People who have pets are – healthy! Pets reduce stress levels and the risk of depression, improves fitness, help respiratory organs … Reduce the risk of depression Elderly people who have pets less likely to suffer from depression than those who do not have them, according to a study published in the … [Read more…]

Fibers extend life

ayngelina / Foter / CC BY-NC-ND In just two weeks, change of diet dramatically affects the risk of colon cancer. The transition from “Western” diet rich in fiber drastically reduces this risk, while the transition from the traditional diet (high in fiber) to the west drastically increases. The medicine is already known that diet affects the … [Read more…]

Why eat more butter

tarale / Foter / CC BY-SA For decades, marketing campaigns demonize butter and saturated fats, and instead pushed vegetable oils and margarine. New scientific findings indicate that butter much healthier than margarine, and much healthier than many refined “vegetable” oils. Thanks scientifically unfounded recommendations, people have started to massively to avoid butter and bread to smear … [Read more…]

Herbs in olive oil

jmehre / Foter / CC BY-NC-SA Herbs can be saved for the winter and thus placing it in a plastic bag and freeze. But if you really want to keep its full flavor, freeze it with the olive oil in a mold for the ice cubes! Choose healthy leaves of herbs as desired, wash and dry … [Read more…]

Food and rainbow colors

steve loya / Foter / CC BY-NC-ND It does not say by chance that the first eyes eat before you try the food. Plate filled with colorful fruits and vegetables is not only nice to look at. Research shows that these colorful products of nature to help our health. Spring and summer are a good … [Read more…]

Home affects your mood

Giustino / Foter / CC BY For your body, mind and spirit can affect different factors in the home. Here’s how to make your home a more pleasant place to live for himself and his family. Ceiling height More ceilings give a sense of freedom, and physical and mental. More ceilings are ideal for those who deal with … [Read more…]

Spices as antioxidants

Sudhamshu / Foter / CC BY-NC A large number of herbs contain chemical compounds that have antioxidant properties. By the richness of these materials stand out in particular rosemary, thyme, oregano and basil. These include sage, although they usually consumed in tea form. The most important group of natural antioxidants in fruits and vegetables are tocopherols, flavonoids, phenolic … [Read more…]

5 foods that reduces the craving for sugar

Consumption of significant doses of refined sugar slowly creates the ground for obesity, pre-diabetes and heart problems. When you may eat refined sugar, blood sugar rise sharply, but also drops sharply. This causes the need for more sugar. Indeed, eating too much refined sugar creates a vicious circle. The more you eat, the more we eat. Fortunately, this vicious … [Read more…]

Better self-control releases of tobacco

Mo Morgan1 / Foter / CC BY-NC Recent studies indicate that smoking cessation important to do the exercises aimed at strengthening self-control, such as, for example, meditation, because it can reduce the unconscious influences that man say that reaching for cigarettes. Until recently research depending on prevailing belief that it is necessary to reduce the … [Read more…]