New Niantic security measure targets GPS spoofers: warnings issued, future bans are possible

Trainers, according to a growing number of player reports, Niantic has started detecting, flagging and issuing warnings to players using location mocking techniques to play the game. The warning received is the same old “don’t use third party apps” warning, but what sets this apart from reports we had before is that this is the first time we … [Read more…]

NASA Sparks Zodiac Sign Controversy, Space Agency is Planning to Change Star Signs

Social media has gone haywire over the past couple of days, all thanks to a report that NASA has shifted the astrological dates. The shift has reportedly caused the zodiac signs to change plus a 13th zodiac being added to the original 12 signs. However, the space agency has issued a statement about the controversy that has veered … [Read more…]

Pokemon Go news: Niantic’s next major update has been revealed, fans are going to like it

POKEMON GO news this week includes Niantic’s next major update, which is likely to prove very popular with its Android and iOS Trainers. It appears that Niantic have decided that this summer will be the biggest period of growth and change in the popular app’s short existence. Another big Pokemon Go update is in the works and … [Read more…]

New ‘Pokemon Go’ Update Adds New Incubator, Fixes Several Major Bugs

A new Pokemon Go update is coming later this week, likely in preparation for the upcoming addition of “Exclusive Raids.” While we covered the biggest news (that is, the addition of Gen 3 Pokemon to the game’s code) last night, there’s still a lot of other changes in store for Pokemon Go fans when the update actually goes live later this week. The update contains new items, … [Read more…]

Pokémon GO’s Latest Patch Reveals Hidden Data For 135 Gen 3 Pokémon

Like Niantic promised, it has indeed been a “legendary” summer for Pokémon GO, with the release of five legendary birds and Mewtwo still to come at the end of the month. But there’s more on the horizon besides endless raiding. It’s time to start laying the groundwork for the next generation of Pokémon to make their way into GO, … [Read more…]

Pokemon Go NEWS: New events REVEALED, Mewtwo release date, Legendary Raids get an update

POKEMON Go fans are counting down the days until the release of Mewtwo Exclusive Raids. Pokemon Go developer Niantic has announced plans to hold even more events as the year goes on. Following recent celebrations in Chicago and Yokohama, Niantic has announced plans to hold two smaller events in San Jose and Philadelphia. Taking place … [Read more…]