Pokemon GO Dev Considering Item Trading, In-Game Chat

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Pokemon GO today is adding research quests to the popular mobile game. However, that’s not all the developers have in mind for future updates, according to a Redditor who attended a 5G conference (5G being the next big step from 4G in terms of mobile internet) in Berlin, Germany along with some Niantic staff.

According to Redditor thw31416, whose notes on the conference were translated with permission by his fellow Redditor SirPaulchen, Niantic vice president Omar Tellez and strategic adviser Michael Jones discussed what some future updates may hold for Pokemon GO. Apparently, the developers are planning on adding features like item trading and in-game chat, among other things.

It sounds like item trading could be handled both in-game or through social media apps. This would be fitting, as Pokemon GO recently added a Facebook login option that would make something like this easier. If item trading does make its way to the game, it could improve the raiding experience by making it so those that can’t afford to buy important items like raid passes and revives can get some help from other players.

In-game chat, meanwhile, could also improve the raiding experience in Pokemon GO. While it seems as though many active members of the Pokemon GO community use apps like Discord, an in-game chat option could make it so more casual players have an easier time organizing raid groups.

Besides item trading and an in-game chat, the Niantic developers at the 5G conference mentioned other features that could be added to the game in the future. This includes personalized Pokemon encounters designed to help players find Pokemon that are still missing from their Pokedex, as well as a shift to 5G location instead of relying on GPS. Niantic is also looking into the possibility of banning spoofers from playing the game.

These features seem like they would be welcomed by the many people who still play Pokemon GO, but it’s unfortunate that Niantic didn’t mention some features that have been long-requested by fans. For example, fans are still waiting on Pokemon trading and PvP battles to be added to the game since they were promised in its reveal trailer, so some may want to see those features added first.

Source: Reddit

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