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Pokemon GO’s latest big addition, Field and Special Research, has players all over the world logging in daily to earn stamps, items, and complete quests. Although the gameplay loop itself is pretty fun, the potential rewards are really what is keeping many players from ever missing a day. In addition to the awards we knew about before, it has now been confirmed that shiny pokemon do have a chance to pop up in Field Research encounters.

Since it was revealed that some Pokemon GO Field Research quests would reward a mystery pokemon encounter, the serious collectors in the game have been wondering how these rewards would work with shiny variants. Now that we have over a week’s worth of data to work with, some facts about the system have been confirmed.

One player revealed on Reddit that they earned a magikarp encounter from the ‘Catch 10 Pokemon’ quest and that the reward spawned as a shiny. Being the dedicated community member, this player used the opportunity to do some quick meta research.

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First off, the player exited the encounter and then returned to it. They did this multiple times and, every time, the magikarp was still shiny. This seems to mean that the shiny spawn is permanent and players can’t lose it if they exit the encounter to buy new items or anything like that.

The second piece of research is maybe a little more disappointing. The player told other friends about the shiny reward and had a few players come to the same stop, pick up, and complete the quest. None of these other players earned a shiny magikarp as their reward. This means shiny spawns are player-specific when it comes to Field Research encounters, so the community can’t exactly work together to consistently find them.

Although it may be a little disappointing that the spawns are player-specific, it is exciting just to confirm that shiny spawn Field Research rewards are possible and that players can’t accidentally lose them by leaving the encounter. As more facts become available, we’ll be sure to share them.

Until then, good luck out there, trainers!

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