Pokemon Go’ Fest: Are the Festival & Challenges Canceled?

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Niantic announced a full refund for Pokemon Go Fest ticket holders as apology for the big server issues that have been plaguing the highly anticipated Festival since it began earlier today. But does this mean the Festival is now canceled?

No. Pokemon Go Fest is NOT canceled and the challenges worldwide are still happening. 

Niantic is issuing refunds for Pokemon Go Fest ticket holders because of all the issues they’ve had to deal with. They’re also getting $100 in PokeCoins. But it doesn’t look like the entire festival is canceled, according to the latest update from Niantic officials.

The Chicago Tribune reported that yes, the Festival and the Challenges are still happening. Niantic later went on the live stream to discuss the issues and share that plans are still proceeding as normal.

The next global challenge window will still start at 3 p.m. CST. So don’t take the rest of the day off because you think the game is canceled!

This means we still have a chance at getting that Legendary.

In addition, Niantic announced that it is extending the radius for catching unique Pokemon like Heracross and Unown to a two mile radius outside the Festival. In addition, these Pokemon will be available in the area through Monday morning.

If you’re a global player, check at 3 p.m. Central for the next challenge.

This is a developing story.

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