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Pokemon GO “hacks” to help you catch em all!

Sounds interesting and helpful. So it is. Now is the perfect time to catch them all and go on upper level instantly. Lets start:


  • 1st tip:

If you want to catch Pikachu as your starter pokemon, then you need to ignore and walk away from Squirtle, Bulbasaur and Charmander when you start playing.

If you do that and ignore them when they respawn four times, Pikachu will appear as an option in front of you.

  • 2nd tip:

Look for Pokemon in crowded areas.

Pokemons are designed to spawn in areas with high cell phone traffic.  Then you should go to crowded areas like tourist attractions , monuments, parks and playgrounds.

  • 3rd tip:

Recover missed Pokeballs.

If you play this game you must have droped some Pokeball trying to catch a Pokemon, so this will make your Pokeball back to you.

Just tap the ball while it is still visible and that’s it.

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  • 4th  tip:

Get free Pokecoins.

If you have android, download Google Opinion Rewards.

Answering surveys earns you credit in the Google Play store, which you can use for Pokecoins.

  • 5th tip:

Visit the same Pokestop as many time as you like.

You can and you should visit Pokestop how many times you like, because there is no limit to how many times a day you can collect gear from the same Pokestop.

After stocking up at one, just wait five minutes until it become accessible again.

  • 6th tip:

Trade in duplicate Pokemon for candy.

Trade the lower level ones over to Professor Willow. Then he will give you candy in exchange, which will help you envolve your Pokemon.

That’s all! Enjoy the game!

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