POKEMON GO MYTHS: Tips & Tricks which do NOT work!

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We’ve already talked about many kinds of tips & tricks, new feature updates, as well as future updates, which will make it easier for players to catch Pokemon creatures and collect more experience points (XP). But, if you want to improve your game and use different tips, tricks, and hacks, you need to watch out, because although they seem reasonable, they could be false!


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CNET has shared a list of Pokemon Go Myths which have been busted since the game launched in July. While, some of them can be helpful, some are actually not worthwhile!

Myth N.1: Retrieve missed Poke balls!

Short after the game was released, there were some Reddit posts about Pokemon Go which stated that if you miss to catch a creature with a Poke ball, you could retrieve it by tapping on it. This actually could be a great addition in the future!

Myth N.2: Types of Pokemon you can get if you hatch from different km eggs!

There have been various charts on the Internet, which show what types of Pokemon hatch from the 2 km, 5 km, and 10 km eggs. You are more likely to get a rare Pokemon from a 10 km egg, but there have been players who have caught rare Pokemon from 2 km egg. So, these charts are useless!

Myth N.3: You can catch Legendary Pokemon!

One of the most talked Pokemon Go myths! Yes, people can claim that they have seen Legendary Pokemon, and even caught one. But shortly after that mistake, Niantic revoked those Pokemon. There are references deep in the Pokemon Go game code, but they have not be released yet. Maybe if Niantic hosts an event, but until then don’t hope that you can spot or even catch a Legendary Pokemon.


Myth N.4: Water-type Pokemon is more likely to appear near water / Grass-types appear more in the grassy areas!

According to Niantic, “Some wild Pokémon appear only in certain environments and climates. For example, some Pokémon may appear only near lakes, oceans, or other bodies of water.”

This is actually kinda true, BUT it is not always that way. You can actually catch Staryu, which is a water-type Pokemon, in parking lots.


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Myth N.5: There are sparkly Pokemon you can catch!

No, they don’t! They are not even in the game’s code. We aren’t saying that we may never see a sparkly Pokemon, but not now!

Myth N.6: Incense works only if you walk around!

This is partially true. One Reddit user found out that there’s a code which has shown that if you stand still you can spot a Pokemon every 300 seconds. But, if you are on the move, you may find a Pokemon every 60 seconds. And if you want to find Pokemon more quickly the distance you should travel is 200 meters. So moving/walking around does seem to make the incense work better.

Myth N.7: You can never catch ’em all, because some Pokemon are only found in certain locations!

Even though, there are some region-specific Pokemon, you can still get those Pokemon by hatching eggs. There are many Reddit users who have claimed that they have hatched region-specific Pokemon from other countries. There are many reports of this kind, but it is not any proof that this may be true.

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