“Pokemon Go” NEW Update: Improved Battle System!

Niantic Labs had just recently released the newest update for their augmented reality game Pokemon Go. The most highlighted change on the 0.39 patch is the return of the previous Pokemon Location feature. However, a recent report states that aside from the feature additions and several bug fixes, the latest update unknowingly changed the battle system.

A recent Reddit post by Baseball9080 discussed the several changes on the Battle system. He noted that each of the move either attack or dodge is now buffered. The Redditor then presented a segmented version on each of these changes. First point is that actions are now performed at a maximum efficiency by buffering. That means there will be no ‘dead time’ between the previous action and the next action. Whenever you buffer a move, the next move will be performed immediately after completing the previous move. However, it was noted that this will not change the actual speed of the action but to simply eliminate the dead time between each actions.

Next, is that buffered actions cannot be undone which means if you input either an attack or dodge, it will be performed immediately right after the previous move. The third and the last segment mentions that buffered actions are queued and will only perform once at a time. Meaning the next move will only register after the previous buffered move was performed. Though it still fails on some other aspect, these buffered moves are simply great solutions to the difficulties encountered by most of the players.