Pokemon Go news: Shiny event launch, Gen 3 list reveal, New Raid update

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POKEMON GO news this week includes a new Shiny event launch, a Gen 3 list reveal and an upcoming Raid update.

A new Pokemon Go Shiny event launch has been confirmed by Trainers this week.

The big news was revealed first by those taking part in the Halloween 2017 event, which is currently running until November 2.

Two new Shiny Pokemon have been confirmed to be both catchable and hatchable in Pokemon Go.

The newest addition is Duskull, who can now be caught with a whole new colour scheme.

There’s been plenty of confirmation now that Shiny Daskulls can be found in the wild, alongside Shiny Sableyes.

This was the first new Shiny Pocket Monster launched as part of the Halloween event and are available in both 10KM eggs and in the wild.

It’s been estimated that Trainers currently have 1 in 256 chance of running into a Shiny Duskull, what with the increased spawn rate during Halloween.

It should be noted that Ghost-Type and Dark-Type Pokemon spawns increase by over 50% at night, although there’s still plenty of opportunity during the day too.

According to dataminers, the current night cycle lasts around 12 hours, starting at 8pm local time and ending around 8am local time.

This would suggest that Pokemon Go does in fact include daytime and nocturnal Pocket Monsters.

It would also mean that catching a Shiny Duskull would be easier during the nighttime hours and early morning.

Pokemon Go developer Niantic has bad news about the full Gen 3 release date.

Fans of Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire will be disappointed with Niantic’s statement at the start of the Halloween event.

The next wave of Gen 3 Pokemon are pencilled in for an early December launch, but Niantic’s comments suggest the full Gen 3 release date will be staggered.

“The rest of the Pokémon first seen in the Pokemon Ruby and Pokemon Sapphire video games will gradually arrive starting as early as December!” Niantic explained.

It could be that the next wave of Gen 3 Pokemon launch as part of a new event in early December, or start appearing in Raids.

Perhaps Niantic’s Christmas treat to fans will be the release of a huge batch of Gen 3 Pokemon for the festive season.

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