Pokemon GO Park event: coming up next!

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Niantic announced the next Pokemon GO event earlier today, setting the scene with a bunch of Pokemon in floating bubbles. In the bubbles are a number of top-notch Pokemon as well as a couple of rarities. While we don’t necessarily expect the Pokemon we’ll be seeing to be in bubbles as such, one clue specifically pops up right up front: MISTER MIME.

While normally we’d count Farfetch’d as an especially strange appearance in an event like this, this event’s location matches the bird with the leek stalk (or sprig of onion). That’s Farfetch’d, and the only place this monster normally spawns is the Asia region – the whole thing. Except for China – and North Korea. Farfetch’d AND Mister Mime will be available in the area during this event.

In this Pokemon GO Park event, many oddities will be popping up. First – a whole bunch more eggs than normal will be available through Pokestops. These 2km eggs – the easiest of the eggs – will contain a far larger variety of Pokemon than normal.

New Pokestops and Pokemon Gym locations will appear in the event’s area that’ll also appear in the real world. Imagine life-size Pokestops to spin – but probably too large to actually reach up and access. Similar to what we saw at the Pokemon GO Fest event in Chicago, but here we’re rolling with the official Pokemon Inc as host.

This event will begin on August 9th and will last until Tuesday, the 15th of August, 2017. This event is a 100% official Pokemon Co. Ltd event and will take place in Yokohama Minato Mirai area, Kanagawa prefecture, Japan. Base of operations will be at Red Brick Park part of the Cup of Noodle Museum Park – the event will be entirely free.

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