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Pokemon Go fans have revealed the new feature they’re most excited about.

More than 7,000 Big Global Media readers took part in a poll to identify the new feature that would most improve the game in 2018.

Pokemon trading is the overwhelming winner with 36% of the votes. Niantic is said to be working on trading, which would let fans swap Pokemon with other players.

Trading was pushed back by Niantic due to the game’s popularity at launch.

The success of the game took Niantic by surprise and meant that resources were pumped into Pokemon Go’s infrastructure instead of new features.

Trading was followed by single-player quests, which picked up 26% of the votes in our poll.

References to single-player quests were discovered in game files following a recent update. Niantic would later remove these files as part of another update, leaving fans unclear if the feature will ever launch.

PvP battles received 16% of the votes, while Gen 4 Pokemon and more events received 11% of the votes.

Speaking of events, Niantic has just revealed fresh details for Community Day 3.

Focusing on Bulbasaur, Community Day 3 will take place on March 25, where it runs from 10am UK time until 1pm UK time.

As part of the Bulbasaur event, Trainers can expect to find more of the starter Pokemon in the wild.

This is ideal for anybody looking to evolve Bulbasaur into the more powerful Ivysaur and Venusaur.

Bulbasaur and/or its evolutions will know a special move as part of the event, although Niantic is yet to reveal what it is.

If it’s anything like this weekend’s Community event, you can also expect a new Shiny to launch.

Other bonuses include triple XP for capturing Pokemon and 3-hour lures.

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