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POKEMON GO update news this week includes more on the game’s future Promo Codes, PokeShop price changes and Raid clues.

Niantic are slowly building toward launching a massive expansion of Pokemon Go this summer, which will start with a new coop experience.

The development team also look to be working on other additional features, including the release of new promotional items.

A new Pokemon Go update released this week for Android and iOS has revealed more on what kind of promo codes could be coming to the game.

The feature is already live on the Android platform, although it’s unclear if it will make it to iOS in the same format.

Currently, Promo Codes are only available on Android devices as there are restrictions put in place by the Apple store which prevents their use.

They can’t be used on the Apple store due to existing restrictions, with Apple themselves collecting a 30% fee on every transaction on an iOS device.

The same problem is currently being encountered by Ingress players, with iOS users needing to access a special website to redeem Ingress promo codes.

Some details have already been revealed by dataminers, who have confirmed that promotional codes will be useable with items, Avatar aesthetics, Candy, Stardust and PokeCoins.

Pokemon Go promo codes will be redeemed via the in-game shop, while there will also be different versions.

This means that there will be different Pokemon Go redeemables released, some supplied by third parties.

However, it should be noted that Niantic themselves have yet to confirm how they hope to use the new feature in full.

Pokemon Go Promo Code indicators were first discovered by dataminers back in late March, meaning Niantic have had a long time to flesh out whatever ideas they had before launch.

And the most recent update to the game saw more support put in place for the redeemable code feature, meaning fans could see rollout soon.

It seems likely that some of Niantic’s existing partners, such as Starbucks and Spring, will likely provide some kind of promotional backing for this new options later in 2017.

Data miners have discovered some exciting new information about Raids, as well as potential changes to make Gyms more competitive.

According to Pokemon Go Hub, Gym Raids are coming soon, although it’s not clear how they’ll work.

It looks like Niantic is working on a notification system to alert players about nearby Raids, as well as a map overlay.

Interestingly, players might soon have to feed Gym-based Pokemon in order to prevent them from becoming stagnant.

Niantic is also seemingly planning to increase Gym diversity by limiting the number of same-species Pokemon.

While this could be a way of dealing with Gyms that are populated exclusively by Blissey Pokemon, it could also tie-in to the launch of Legendary Pokemon.

Pokemon Go director John Hanke previously said that Legendary Pokemon are being treated with care, and will have limitations at Gyms.

The news comes the day after Apple increased the price of apps and in-app purchases.

Fortunately, the price increases won’t affect everybody. Countries using the Euro will notice an increase, as well as Denmark and Mexico.

“Due to foreign exchange rate changes, prices for apps and in-app purchases (excluding auto-renewable subscriptions) will increase in Denmark, Mexico, and all territories that use the Euro currency in the next 7 days.

“Auto-renewable subscription prices will not be affected. You can change the price of your subscription at any time in iTunes Connect with the option to preserve prices for existing subscribers.”

While Pokemon Go is free to download, in-app coin packs can be purchased for cash. Fans in the aforementioned regions can now expect to pay roughly 10% more on Coin Packs.

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