Pokemon Summer – The most exiting summer ever!

This is the most exciting summer ever. This is Pokemon GO Summer! While everyone wanted to go and relax on the beach, now they will go and catch a Pokemon on a beach. It is hilarious how this simple and funny game has taken over the whole world. There are so many pokemons out there and we will catch it !!! Every beach bar, hotel and street is occupied by these little and cute pokemons. While laying on the beach, boys and girls around the globe are now only focused on catching pokemons. Tourists, kids, and everyone else are playing it and having fun while doing it.
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It has been only a month but we can say that Pokemon summer is just getting started. There are millions of people waiting and chasing for new pokemon to arrive. We are all waiting to catch more and explore this new exciting summer with our new best friends – Pokemons. Pokemon Go is the best exercise on the beach. No more volleyball and tennis. We are all going in the battle for more Pokemons.

Lets get it rumble !!!