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Raima was in bed surrounded by her friends and her next door neighbour. They wanted Raima’s advice on the latest fashion trends. Today was the Valentine’s eve party but Raima was lost in a world of her own. She couldn’t think beyond the heavenly experience she had been through with her valentine only a while ago.

Shom and Raima were in a high spirits that day. They had decided to spend the day in each other’s company. Eye contact and expressions were all that they needed to communicate with the other. Nothing was spoken. Given their attuned souls, words were redundant.

Raima touched Shom innocently under his left earlobe but that was enough to send the blood rushing through their bodies. It seemed as if a mere brushing past of the skins was more than the affinity they could sustain. Their bodies shuddered just by holding hands. They felt completely unclad even when veiled. Their souls lay exposed and vulnerable in union. Their eyes met and their excitement levels rose like they could have never imagined. Such heavenly sensations were never fathomed or experienced before. A sense of belonging without the possessiveness. Was this spiritual love, a causeless one?

Whatever it may have been, it was pure bliss!

When a simple touch can be so sensuous, a bond so exalting and a restlessness so fierce, an intense sensation takes over. Souls entwine and merge into oblivion, giving rise to serenity and pure bliss.

This happens when we raise our consciousness to our souls. Existence transcends physical, mental and emotional boundaries. All it takes is a casual fondle or a mere glance.

Shom and Raima were in physical contact now, with both hands entwined tightly. The continuity ensured that they were not two bodies but one that was lost to the world and breathing as one. This singular entity would continue in a state of rest unless impressed upon by an external force to change its state.  These external forces were none other than worldly pressures that the subconscious decides to accept, such as a phone call or the ringing of a doorbell.

And so it did! It was Raima’s phone that shook her up and Shom too. She reluctantly answered the call. It was her grandpa.

“Ami dada’r shongair aachi…, na akhoon ashte parbo na…, na dada, amake chede jaabin..., okay, bye,” she said.

That evening, Shom and Raima met briefly at the Great Eastern Hotel in Calcutta. Shom had come to Calcutta for work, this happened occasionally, perhaps twice or thrice a year. This time around it was willed by Raima who lived there with her grandfather. The two hadn’t met in a long time.

As Shom returned to the hotel from work, he found Raima waiting furtively in the lobby.

Shom: Hey sorry, am I late?

Raima (smiling): No I am a bit early; let’s go up to the room.

That’s how it had all started. The phone call seemed to have turned off the magic.

Raima: We don’t have much time.

She ran to Shom to unbutton his shirt. He got a start and shook his head gleefully.

Shom: This was too sudden, I don’t even have a condom…, my God how to get one now!

Raima: We can’t wait.

She pushed Shom on the bed and was all over him in an instant. Grasping intensely and excitedly, it was like two souls colliding against each other. The climax was heavenly and to their surprise, it just continued, cuddled in each other’s arms, clutched in a tight embrace, they silently lay alongside each other, in complete bliss.

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