Sprint Wants to Send a Pokemon Go Player to Japan for the Pikachu Festival

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Every year, the Japanese city of Yokohama becomes home to the “Pikachu Outbreak,” a festival in which over 1,500 giant Pikachu invade the city with parades, dances, and other fun activities. This year, the US mobile carrier Sprint wants to send one Pokemon Go player and three of their friends to Japan to catch Pokemon and see the giant Pikachu live.

Sprint, which is the official mobile sponsor of Pokemon Go, runs a “My Trainer Rewards” program that gives Pokemon Go players points for visiting Sprint Stores and charting their progress online. If players sign up for the Trainer Rewards program between today and July 7, they’re automatically entered to win a 6 day trip to Yokohama along with tickets to the Pikachu Outbreak festival. Once signed up, players can redeem Trainer Rewards points for additional entries into the sweepstakes.

Other prizes include iPhones, Apple Watches, portable phone chargers, and Amazon Gift Cards.

Please note that the Trainer Rewards program is open to all Pokemon Go players, even those who don’t use a Sprint phone. No purchases are required, and there’s no sign-up fee to participate.

Players can enter the sweepstakes through July 7 and winners will be randomly selected on July 12. Players can sign up through the My Trainer Rewards website.

It appears that other Pokemon, like Squirrel, Charmander, Eevee, Mimikyu, Marill, and Emolga could be coming to hang out at the festival with everyone, including over 1,500 Pikachu characters. Ditto was spotted during one of the festivals last year, but this will mark the first time additional Pokemon were seen joining the festival. It’s good to invite friends, though, and this is going to make for one of the cutest events ever. Just think about sitting around minding your own business and then watching a massive parade of the electric mouse Pokemon scooting on by. You can’t catch them, of course, but you can sure take in all that adorableness and let it wash over you. Make sure to take tons of pictures if you decide to show up at Yokohama, because the only thing cuter than one Pikachu is a whole bunch of them at once, obviously!

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