The “Pokemon Go” Game Inspires a New Generation of Baby Names!

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The crazy for the augmented-reality game has taken over the world! Different generations are playing it, and it has already inspired a new generation!

A generation of new baby names!

According to a recent study, more than 50 percent of expectant mothers are already playing the game, which results as a new naming trend. The study also shows a rapid rise in this trend. Names such as Roselia, Shay, Eevee, Onyx, Ivy, Ash, Star are among many others which have risen in popularity.

“Parents are always looking to pop culture for baby name inspiration and, right now, it doesn’t get hotter than Pokémon Go,” reports  Linda Murray,  editor-in-chief of BabyCenter. “It’s possible that parents’ enthusiasm for the game will reignite their love for the brand and spark a full-fledged naming trend.”

The name “Roselia” is one of the most popular female Pokemon names for newborn babies, with more than 5,000 spots since the previous year. Onyx is rights next to it, as a male baby name, it has risen with more than 2,000 spots since 2015. But, with the increasing popularity of the game, more Pokemon names are ascending in trendiness, like the name Ash (the main Pokemon character) is believed to become popular among baby boys.



While there are still no unfortunate babies named after Pikachu, Mr. Mime, Cubone, parents should take into consideration the craziness of this inexplicable trend and think about the future of their children.



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