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First, one question : Do you have eggs in your refrigerator?

If that’ so, you are living somewhere in Scandinavia, North America, Japan or Australia.Because in every other part of the world, eggs sit out of the counter.

The main question is : Do egg refrigeration is really necessary ?

One of the most common health risks, when it comes to eggs, is posed by Salmonella bacteria.

“In vitro insertion of salmonella into eggs is more successful with non – refrigerated eggs than with refrigerated eggs” – reports the Journal of Food Protection.

But, according to NPR Institute, many experts think that egg refrigeration is not necessary, because in the state food system, there are many safeguards against salmonella, including washing, inspections and consistency from supplier to store.In Europe, many chickens are vaccinated against salmonella, so this minimizes the need for refrigeration.

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What should you do?

If you get your eggs very fresh, from a local supplier ( which are tastier and richer in nutrients), you may not be able to store them at room temperature.

But, if you buy eggs from the grocery store, you need to keep refrigerating them.Because if eggs are refrigerated at one point of the process and then left at room temperature, they begin to sweat and that’s allows bacteria to grow.

You should throw away eggs that have an off smell and you should avoid getting egg shells in your egg. You also must be sure that you’re getting your eggs from a reputable source.


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