This Dutch Man Has Lost His Leg. But What He Has Done Next, Will Surprise You!

One man’s junk is another man’s treasure — or this is at least what one Dutch man was hoping when he built up the courage to sell his own disembodied leg turned real-life leg lamp on eBay. Leo Bonten, the 53-year-old man, had a leg amputation earlier this year after he slipped into a pool and broke his right leg two years ago. The amputee’s financial woes prompted him to sell it rather than keep the lamp.

Man Has Amputated Leg Made Into Real-Life Lamp To Sell On eBay For $128K

After fighting a long legal battle with the hospital to keep his amputated limb, Bonton designed the real-life leg lamp with the help of forensic pathologist William Schaper Kotter and a lamp maker, Medical Daily reported. However, selling his amputee leg went against eBay’s policy against the sale of body parts. Shut down by eBay, Bonton looked for ways to sell his leg to deal with the loss and use the money to buy a bionic leg among other things.

Photo: Twitter