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OJ Simpson is currently in prison, serving a nine-to-33 year sentence for a 2007 armed robbery. He is currently up for parole, and may be released as soon as October.

The New York Post reports that a four member parole board will be making a decision to release Simpson from prison on parole. If he is released from prison, the former NFL star (and accused, but not convicted, killer of his ex-wife Nicole Brown Simpson) may have quite a few lucrative pay days ahead of him. He could be released as early as October 1 if the parole board decides in his favor.

And what does he have possibly waiting for him in the outside world? A lot of money-making opportunities with pictures and autographs, according to TMZ.

David Elkouby, the owner of The Hollywood Show that specializes in celeb autographs, says O.J. would be the hottest commodity when he gets out, and he would pay Simpson thousands of dollars just to appear at a signing convention.

What’s more … he says Simpson would attract a never-ending line of people clamoring for a selfie at around $30 a pop … that adds up.

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He emphasized that “right now is the time to capitalize on the notoriety.”

For Simpson, he may actually want to take Elkouby up on his offer. The New York Post noted that he is still on the hook for a $33.5 million civil judgment that holds him liable for the deaths of Nicole Brown Simpson and her friend Ron Goldman.

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