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While in Japan for the Pokemon Go Safari Zone event in Yokosuka this week, we stopped by Pokemon Center DX in Tokyo to visit the Pokemon Cafe.

Hidden away in a corner near the entrance of Pokemon Center DX, tables at the Pokemon Cafe are available by reservation only (or by a long standby wait in the cancellation line if you’re feeling lucky).

You can check out the Pokemon Cafe and everything we ate in the gallery below:

The menu consists of drinks, meals, and desserts that are all (as you’d expect) themed after Pokemon. We tried a Pikachu donut to start, followed by a Pikachu tail cookie and iced coffee. For the main course, an Eevee chicken burger with fries and minestrone soup, followed by a Gengar grape smoothie and a Mimikyu crepe for dessert.

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While we couldn’t try everything, other menu items include a Pikachu plate with an omelet and steak, Pikachu curry, a Snorlax steak with rice, and Pikachu carbonara. There are also desserts including a Lapras or Eevee parfait, Jigglypuff cheesecake, or several other themed drinks. The full menu is available on the official Pokemon Cafe site.

The cafe itself is surrounded by tons of fantastic Pokemon decorations, including gigantic Eevee and chef Pikachu plush toys and statues of Pikachu, Eevee, and the three Kanto starters. The walls in the back are covered in rare Pokemon memorabilia, from rare original sketches signed by The Pokemon Company and Game Freak’s directors, limited merchandise, and original prints. You can also buy Pokemon Cafe-exclusive merchandise near the exit, including plush toys and snacks.

When you exit the Pokemon Cafe, you’ll be inside Pokemon Center DX. You can check out some of the gorgeous wall-sized Pokemon art and museum-style displays in the gallery below:

For more looks at unique Pokemon events, check out our tour of the Let’s Go Pikachu and Let’s Go Eevee-themed train in Japan and the amazing Nashville-themed stage from this year’s Pokemon World Championships, and stay tuned to IGN this week for more coverage around Pokemon Go’s Safari Zone event in Yokosuka.

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