What do we eat? Natural vs industrial food

What do we eat? Natural vs industrial food

good vs bad food

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One famous ancient Greek philosopher Socrates was asked: “What is the cause of your good health in such a mature age, while many people much younger than you have many diseases?” At that, Socrates said, “The fact that I eat to live and you mentioned people live to eat. “
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Why do we eat? Natural vs. industrial food

Do not be surprised! The answer to this seemingly “child” question directly depends on the state of our health and well-being. Under these conditions, many contemporary “food”, even with the “big stretch” can hardly be called food because no food and biological value for the human body such “food” does not represent, but also creates many problems for his valuable work.

The fact is that modern man has become for some time do not adequately treat the products that daily intake of fish, and to the process of food in general. This concerns not only manufacturers, but also us – the consumers of these “high-tech products”, to the fullest!

We often – for many reasons – lose sight of the important fact that the purpose of food, in fact, one. And it is insupplying the body with all the necessary for its full functioning substances. Everything else – just “dovesochki.”

The human body – a complex biological system that never for a moment ceases to operate. In order to maintain this system in “working order” to the human body has to perform extensive “work package”, which requires a large number of “consumables” – biologically active ingredients – vitamins, minerals, amino acids, fats, simple and complex carbohydrates, hormones and hormone-like compounds and so on. Most of these, it needs to complete the substance of life, our body can not synthesize, he used to get them from food.

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The old cells die. They need to be “disposed of”. Instead, they created a new young cells. To do this, our body has to break down some substances, and of the resulting components to create others. Each of our body – a “high-tech production”, for the efficient operation of which requires high-quality “consumables”. Qualitative (udobousvoyaemye and understandable for digestion), they only natural products created by human nature.

Over millions of years of evolution, humans learned to get everything necessary for the full life of the food, which consisted of a variety of natural foods. With the development of the food industry and the advent of modern technology man has learned to change not only the structure but also the composition, and even the natural properties of the natural product, created by nature.

The main reason for such a rapid growth in the number of chronic diseases in the most developed countries of dietitians see dramatically changed over the last few decades (particularly over the past 30-50 years) chemical and biological composition and structure of the products used in food in countries with developed food industry!

What do we eat? Natural vs industrial food
What do we eat? Natural vs industrial food

What do we eat?

Natural product, in its natural natural form, proved enough “good” for the industrial technology¬†and the “sales techniques”. Small retention periods, lack “soft”, not the same as would be needed technology, bright color and taste, etc., etc.

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