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Pokemon Go might be getting a new item soon. Text assets for a new “Super Incubator” was recently added to Pokemon Go’s backend files, which hints that developers could be ready to launch the item with the next update.

According to the text files, which was first reported by, the Super Incubator will let players hatch eggs more quickly, but will break after one use. The Super Incubator will reduce egg distance by a fixed multiplier, so players will probably get the most bang for their buck by using it on 10 KM eggs.

Since it’s a one use item, this likely means that it’s a premium item that can be purchased from the in-game store.

While text assets for the Super Incubator were recently added to Pokemon Go, game developers haven’t added image assets yet, so it’s not quite ready to be rolled out yet.

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Of course, Pokemon Go has plenty of items hidden its code that have never actually been added to its game. In addition to the Master Ball (which has a 100% catch rate,) several Berries and Incense variations are also in Pokemon Go’s code but have never been added to the game. There’s also an image asset for “Honey,” which has a similar ability to Incense in the main Pokemon games.

However, Pokemon Go never added description text to any of those items, so it’s far more likely we’ll see the Super Incubator in the game than any of those other items.

We don’t know when the new Super Incubator will be released, nor will we know how much it will cost within the game. Look for more details on the Super Incubator soon!

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