Who Is Better Under Pressure: Michael Jordan or Lebron James?

A debate that has long divided not only basketball fans but former and current stars of the game is who’s the greatest NBA player of all time, Michael Jordan or LeBron James? While opinions about the superstar athletes can shift because Jordan hasn’t played in years and James is still in the league, it’s always fun to visit this topic and compare their amazing accomplishments on the court.

Every generation has that special player who can be considered great. Jordan was that for his generation and James is that today. So who would take on your team and rely on to perform better under pressure? Here’s a look at their impressive numbers side-by-side and what other NBA stars have to say about the great debate.

No other players considered above them

Some people will try to make the argument that neither of these two guys is the best to ever play the game. Instead, they’ll choose Wilt Chamberlain, Bill Russell, Larry Bird, or Magic Johnson.

While some of their cases may be strong, the majority of people believe it only comes down to Jordan or James, no one else.

Dwyane Wade favors Jordan over James

James’ former teammate Dwyane Wade has admitted that he still would take Jordan over James, but recognizes that James has moved into the same category as the Hall of Famer.

“[James] is one of the game’s greatest players. Arguably the greatest,” Wade said. “I favor Michael Jordan … So it’s one and two of the greatest players of all time and I get an opportunity to play against one of them.”

J.R. Smith thinks James already passed Jordan

If you ask James’ current teammate J.R. Smith the same question about who is better, you’ll get a totally different response because Smith believes that the King has already surpassed Jordan. Smith’s response came after another former star, Ray Allen, opined that Jordan was “by far” the best.

“By far? Absolutely not,” Smith said “Obviously, don’t get me wrong, growing up, obviously. And I got the jersey tatted on my stomach. MJ was the greatest of all time, in my opinion, up until two years ago.”

Scottie Pippen chooses Jordan hands down

Some of Jordan’s old teammates have weighed in on this debate as well including Scottie Pippen, who has no time for anyone who chooses James over Jordan. “Michael Jordan was the greatest to ever put on shoes and play in our game. No doubt about it,” Pippen said.

And for anyone still doubting that, he took his case further and said the two shouldn’t even be compared.

They both play two different positions. The way LeBron James plays? Michael Jordan was never asked to play that way. Because I took that away from him. I was the point forward. I was the facilitator. Michael Jordan was a scorer. He was a defender. He played the game as complete as LeBron James did when he needed to. But he was asked to score the basketball and that’s what he was great at … There was no game I would ever play in where I’d pick LeBron James over Michael Jordan. Not if I’m trying to win.

Kevin Garnett has his mind made up about who the GOAT is

Minnesota Timberwolves and Boston Celtics legend Kevin Garnett couldn’t just sit back and listen to the King vs. MJ debate and who dealt with more pressure and criticism without jumping in and explaining why he believes Jordan was the GOAT.