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5 cosmetic ‘tweakment’ trends expected to soar in 2019


Whether you’re for or against invasive aesthetic transformations, it’s a booming industry with new technologies advancing treatments all the time. 2019 looks set to see the demand for cosmetic surgery procedures further increase, with a trend for truly natural-looking results. We asked experts from The Private Clinic of Harley Street, one of the country’s leading cosmetic surgery groups, and influential industry figure cosmetic doctor Dr Esho, to share their new year ‘tweakment’ predictions, below.

1. ‘Impact treatment’

Whereas before to change a face significantly you’d have to perform plastic surgery, now, says Dr Esho, “with a needle, a cannula and 3D imaging you can do it all in the space of the doctor’s clinic. It’s like Face Off, it’s amazing.”

Using 3D imaging and augmented reality, clients now get a chance to see what their face will look like post-treatment, before they’ve even gone near a needle. Defined as “impact treatment” by Dr Esho, “the new treatment works on the entire face and can transform round faces into defined, sharp silhouettes”. The big game changer is that instead of using surgery to make the changes circa 2018, the results are all achieved via bespoke fillers, he says.

2. Better Botox

Still the number one requested treatment according to Dr Esho, but in 2019 he says the Botox market is going to be “blown apart” thanks to a new B-type 2 toxin. “You’ll need less of it and the results last longer which is good for practitioners as it means you save more in terms of dosage, and good for patients as the longevity means less treatments,” he says. Due for release imminently, watch this space.

3. The ‘secret facelift’

Davood Fallahdar, consultant plastic and reconstructive surgeon at The Private Clinic of Harley Street explains that the ‘temporal facelift’, also known as the ‘mini’ or ‘secret facelift’, “will become one of the most popular cosmetic surgery procedures in 2019”. Apparently demand has been increasing in recent years, with many patients opting for it over a full facelift due to the natural and fresher look it offers.

“Unlike a full facelift, the treatment is carried out under local anaesthetic. This means that patients can return to work the next day and don’t have to suffer the abundance of unsightly bruising, swelling and bandages as seen with full facelifts, as the scar is hidden on the scalp, within the hair and not on the face.”


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