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A Peek Inside a Busy Woman’s Fit Kitchen

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By Fitness Editor Paula Jager CSCS

Fall is here, no doubt about it even here in sunny Florida, and I am getting into the swing of the seasonal shift in culinary pleasures in my personal fit kitchen.  It was an enjoyable but extremely busy summer.  If you follow the fitness posts on this blog, you may know we moved our CrossFit box to a new location and have experienced some serious growing pains along with the trials and tribulations of the construction process.  All good.


Whether you’ve experienced something similar or have 12 children we are ALL busy in our lives and everyday frenzied pace.  So what do we do — buy Swanson fake chicken broth, use processed vegetable oil and hit the drive-thru? Of course not but how does one keep up with or maintain the healthy traditional diet for ourselves and families in these light of these busy times along with keeping up our fitness?  It ain’t easy but I’d like to share my tips and recipes for what’s going on in my fit kitchen and hear about yours. . .

Fit Kitchen: The Larder

We have got to keep this stocked; that is key.  After moving into our new location July 1 and barely having time to breathe let alone make bone broth come the beginning of September mine was empty–it was time to restock.  Over the course of three weekends (only time I have) I made beef stock on the first one, rendered tallow and pureed fresh pumpkins the next and finally made turkey stock out of the carcass in my freezer from the August bird we cooked on the third.  The larder was filling up and looking much better.

You need to pick a day/time that works for you.  Choosing the weekend allowed me to let the stock simmer or the fat slowly melt while I could also throw in a load of laundry or catch up on work tasks on the computer.  I only chose one or two tasks per weekend.  I penciled them in ahead of time thus planning out the month. If my platter gets overloaded, I find that nothing gets completed or completed well.

Fit Kitchen: The Workouts

It’s not important what you do just so that you get in some type of exercise or movement.  Pick an activity that works best for you–be it the gym, videos, chasing/playing with your children, walking etc. . . Just Do It!  Yes, I am quoting Nike.  Pencil it in, make the time–it will save your sanity, health and well being.  No excuses period.  Make it work.

With the larder stocked and the Wods scheduled I then took to recreating my recipes.  Some of my seasonal favorites are. . .


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