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Acne Tells A Lot About Your Health. #4 And #7 Can Be Dangerous

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Do you have any idea that why your face is persistently covered with acne in the same areas only? If not, let me explain to you what is the root cause of this stubborn acne just by looking at the places of its occurrence.

Reflexology which is also called as face mapping is a kind of face study that helps in providing information regarding the connection between our face areas and internal body organs and systems. With the aid of this method, we can easily decipher what’s wrong inside our body. Isn’t it cool?

Let’s decode what does the position of breakouts in our face claims?

1. What does your forehead acne say?


When your digestive system doesn’t work systematically, then forehead acne is caused. So try to cut out junk food and a number of fatty products from your diet and observe the change. Intake of cooler food items like cucumber and ice-cream will also help in reducing the problem.

2. What does a glabella acne say?


Glabella acne is linked to your liver disorders and in this condition, you need to cut down alcohol, dairy products and greasy foods.

3. What does a lower cheek acne say?


Poor dental hygiene is the cause of this type of breakouts. Your mouth infections generally shows on this area.

4. What does an upper cheek acne say?


Upper cheek acne reveals about your poor lung functioning. It may also be caused due to air pollution and smoking habits.

5. What does chin acne signify?


Hormonal changes are the main reason of chin acne on your face. When any woman’s period is due by few days or weeks, then acne is directly reflected on her chin.

6. What does chest or neck acne say?

The only reason of acne on chest or neck is stress. Practice yoga and meditation on a daily basis and put an end on unwanted zits.

7. What does a nose acne says?

Nose acne is linked to your heart and high blood pressure disorders. So, replace the spicy food and fat from your diet with healthy things such as nuts. Share the sound information with everyone if you find it effective.


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