After Reading This, You`ll Never Do This Again!

Maybe this will sound familiar to any of you: You make a cup of tea or cook eggs in water, and does not measure the amount good enough and then you have excess water. You will usually keep the water in the bowl and use it for something else later. It sounds completely safe, right? No, You Shouldn`t Do This!

After Reading This, You`ll Never Do This Again!


Why is dangerous to reboil the water twice?

At first when you see the water boil bubbles and steam, but there is something else that happens on a chemical level. Reboil the same water several times, the content of oxygen changes and becomes a potentially dangerous substance that occurs. It`s very testable in the tea. The tea prepared with cold water and with once boiled water have the same taste.

Boiled water is a great way to kill bacteria, but if you reboil the same water several times, dangerous gases and toxic substances such as arsenic, fluoride and nitrates can form as a result of the change in the chemical structure. Various studies have shown the connection between fluoride and the consequences it has on the nervous system.

After this process, not just about the intake of water and minerals that are good for us, as calcium can cause problems and kidney stones.

This is why you do not really need to REBOIL the water. Obviously is more harmful when you do this often.