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Author Claims That Princess Diana Was Planning On Rejecting Dodi’s Proposal The Day She Died

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On August 31, 1997, Princess Diana died in a car crash in Paris. The world mourned her loss, and almost immediately, people speculated about the circumstances surrounding her life and death.

As the last months of her life came into focus, her relationship with Dodi Fayed was scrutinized. The pair were only together for two months before they tragically died. But there was speculation about whether or not the relationship was authentic.

In those two short months, Diana spent a lot of time with Dodi, and they were often pictured on his father’s yacht. Christopher Andersen, the author of The Day Diana Died, released the 20th-anniversary edition of his bestselling book. In it, he claims that Diana wasn’t in love with Dodi and that a paparazzi shot of her alone, sitting on the diving board, proves it.

In fact, she was really in love with someone else.

The author told Inside Edition, “She told her friend she was deliriously happy with Dodi El-Fayed in those last weeks, cruising aboard his father’s yacht. But what she was really trying to do is make the man she really loved jealous. That man was Pakistani heart surgeon Hasnat Khan.”

He added that Dodi was allegedly going to propose to Diana the night they died and that she was planning on rejecting him — and the $250,000 ring he’d bought for her.

But Debbie Gribble, who was a stewardess on the yacht, remains convinced that Diana and Dodi were truly in love.

What do you believe?

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