Bizarre UFOs seen on radar near Salisbury Plain by 11 people including RAF wing commander

UP TO seven UFOs were seen on radar by 11 astonished people including an RAF wing commander.

Alan Turner OBE said he and 10 others watched in amazement as “six or seven” unexplainable blips appeared on radar they were monitoring.

Mr Turner was duty military supervisor at RAF Sopley, in Hampshire, when the inexplicable events unfolded.

He said: “The duty civil supervisor drew my attention to a situation on radar the likes of which neither of us had ever encountered.

“Emanating from a point some twenty nautical miles east of the eastern extremity of the Salisbury Plain danger area were a series of six or seven blips moving on a south-easterly track each being separated from the other by about six miles.”

He said that strangely, at about forty miles from the point they appeared on radar, they disappeared but were “followed almost immediately by a replacement at the point of origin”.

He established they were at 3,000 feet when they first appeared on radar, but were rising rapidly to be at 60,000 feet once they disappeared.

He said: “To climb to such a height in only forty miles was beyond the ability of any fighter aircraft at the time.”

Mr Turner said the phenomenon was witnessed by four civil and six military controllers on duty at the time in other areas.

He said: “I called Heathrow radar to discover that they, also, were seeing a similar picture.

“The same situation prevailed in the fighter control operations rooms at RAF Neatishead, near Norwich, Norfolk.